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Teenagers and Motorcycles-Do They Mix?

Every teenager anxiously awaits reaching the minimum age for a driverís license, and the freedom that license will afford them. No longer will they have to ride the school bus, or bum rides from friends, they think they will be able to come and go as they please. Every parent dreads this time, and knows that there are many battles that lie ahead. For some teenagers, rather than asking for their own car, they decide that they want a motorcycle, which is even more of a nightmare for their parents because of the extra danger such a vehicle poses. Your gut tells you to say no, and stick to your guns, but your heart says that you arenít being fair, so you have to take your time and think the decision through, looking at the pros and cons of each side.


Before you say no, there are some benefits to be gained from giving into your teenís request. The first one is that on a motorcycle, your teen only has room for one friend, and studies have shown that the more friends that are in a car with a teenage driver, the better the odds are that an accident will occur. Your teen also wonít be able to carry anything extra on the motorcycle either, meaning less likelihood of drinking and driving.

Another benefit is the price. If you are paying for your teenís first vehicle on your own, you should know that you can get a great used motorcycle at a much better price than you can a used car, so you will save some money as well. And, believe it or not, your insurance premiums may also be less expensive with the motorcycle. Since the motorcycle will use less gas, you will also save money there as well.

The choice is yours to make, and one thing that you should take into consideration is how much responsibility your teenager possesses. If your teen is a thrill-seeker, and would be likely to speed and show off on the bike, then you will really need to be careful here. On the other hand, if you have allowed your teen to ride motorcycles for years, and he or she has always been responsible thus far, do you really have any reason to say no?

You will need to set some ground rules if you do agree to get the motorcycle. You will need to make certain your teen understand motorcycle safety, and that wearing safety gear is not an option that he or she can ignore. If your teen refuses to wear a helmet, then you should really lean towards no, because of the risks involved.

Another thing that might be a good idea, and that might put some of your fears to rest would be to make your teen enroll in a motorcycle safety class. Make it a requirement, if they want the motorcycle.

If you think that your teenager is responsible, and will abide by the rules you set, then you will probably be okay with going the motorcycle route. Make certain your teen understands that if the rules arenít obeyed, there will be no more motorcycle, and that he or she will be back to relying on others for their transportation needs.


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